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Launching of CLICK to Low Carbon Lifestyle Web Portal and Tool

Launching of CLICK to Low Carbon Lifestyle Web Portal and Tool
British High Commissioner’s Residence, Kuala Lumpur
10 a.m, 7th December 2011
Launched by: Mr Ray Kyles, Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission, Kuala Lumpur.
In Malaysia, based on statistics provided in National Energy Balance 2008, Malaysia records an annual average primary energy use increase by 6.1% between year 2000 and 2008. This figure is close to average GDP increase in the same period which is 6.0%. In addition to that, removal of subsidy for fuel (natural gas) is planned to take full force in year 2015. Not only the cost of energy is expected to go up, but we are left out in the field of Energy Efficiency for many reasons.
Based on the 2009 electricity sales statistics, 92,753 GWh (GigaWatthour) of electricity was consumed. AWER estimates a total of 62.14 million Tonne of CO2 equivalent was released due to electricity consumption in 2009. The average ratio of CO2 emission share is 3:5:6 between the domestic, commercial and industrial sector.
Even after Malaysia pledge to be a Greener Nation or even Low Carbon Economy, the next step forward was not clear. It created more ‘Greening’ compared to actual solution that helps everyone. Based on our feedback from individuals, SMEs, electrical equipment manufacturers and government agencies, they are looking forward for tools that can easily assist them in making decision and to move forward.
PART 2: CLICK to Low Carbon Lifestyle (www.click.org.my)
Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER) has conducted series of passive, active and interactive consultations on the Low Carbon Lifestyle with various stakeholders. The findings of the studies were carefully researched and matched with short term and long term plans. This implementation model coded 3C50 is a detailed planning developed by AWER to assist Malaysia in achieving Low Carbon Lifestyle. This portal is in 3 languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese)
AWER brings forth CLICK to Low Carbon Lifestyle, an online platform for Malaysians to make sustainable steps easier. Based on 3C50 model developed by AWER, the objectives for the first step are:
(i)           To initiate information sharing on electricity efficiency and conservation
(ii)          To provide Low CO2 Tool – basic electricity consumption audit
(iii)        To provide product ranking by efficiency and environmental sustainability
(iv)        To promote members of public and businesses to reduce carbon emission strategically
(v)         To ensure continuous improvement
PART 3: Low CO2 Tool (Click d’ Thief)
The first Low CO2 Tool is known as Click d’ Thief. The objectives of Click d’ Thief Tool are:
(i)           To assist in Energy Consumption audit,
(ii)          To assist in identification of Carbon Footprint,
(iii)        To assist in identification of High Energy Consuming Equipments,
(iv)        To assist in making informed decision in practicing Low Carbon Lifestyle,
(v)         To create interactive yet fun and easy approach in energy efficiency,
(vi)        To cater all level of society including government agencies and business in ‘Catching their THIEF’.
**You can identify electricity consumption based on your products, tariff and different user category.
PART 4: CLICK with Us (Online Pledge)
The CLICK with Us page is to inculcate experience sharing and voluntary move towards achieving a low carbon lifestyle. The pledge is a form of online membership that allows members to get first hand information about CLICK. The system also allows members to share how they overcome their obstacle to practice Low Carbon Lifestyle. We invite all level of society, industry, businesses and government agency to pledge and share your achievements in practicing Low Carbon applications. No matter how small it is, it does matter.
Closing Remarks
CLICK is just the beginning. It is a growing portal and more tools and reports will be loaded periodically. Join us, log on to www.click.org.my and start CLICKing..
I would like to thank all British High Commission for their support in enable CLICK to be established.
Piarapakaran S.
Association of Water and Energy Research Malaysia (AWER)

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