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Effective Waste Management Needed - No Plastic Day

Numerous times I have raised the importance of waste management. Fundamental question on usage of plastic; why we need it to manage our rubbish?


Well, the organic waste oozes if there is no plastic holding it. This is the very reason Malaysian Plastic Manufacturers Association (MPMA) uses to defend the usage of plastic. In addition to that they use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) result from other countries to justify their existence. This is incorrect as LCA is very much linked to manufacturing processes, usage, disposal and policies locally available. So, MPMA stop using wrong facts.


As for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3R) practices proposed by MPMA, we have to fly kite with it. Current plastic comes with degradable and normal plastic. These two types of plastic cannot be recycled together. Plus the degradable version cause immediate release of chemicals to the environment compared to normal plastic. So, MPMA your facts are still not strong.


To stop the oozing, we have to place the organic waste in other location that requires no plastic. Sewerage is a good location; in fact digesting organic waste with sewerage gives a good blend of economic and environmental benefit. This is not new technology and we are actually far behind schedule.


For those with yard, try to convert your organic waste into fertilizer. There are many simple methods available.


As for NO PLASTIC DAY, well it is still a good way of educating Malaysian to be environmentally responsible. But, use cloth bags that are washable and reusable. Be a good citizen by bringing your shopping bags every day, not just Saturday.

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  1. nooribah binti mohd darus

    Arrow Adakah kewujudan hari tanpa plastik pada hari sabtu sudah berbaloi untuk mengurangkan penggunaan plastik di negara?

    Piara, 2011-10-30
    Dear Nooribah, Sebenarnya ia tidak mencukupi. Plastik adalah polimer yang ringan dan lasak (bergantung kepada komposisi kimia). Tapi penggunaanya sebagai beg plastik bukanlah sesuatu yang patut diteruskan. Ia patut digunakan di sektor seperti pembuatan (manufacturing) dan pembungkusan (botol plastik) di mana sisa palstik mudah di kutip semula untuk proses kitar semula. Satu lagi isu adalah, plastik terbiodegrasi tidak boleh di kitar semula dengan plastik biasa. Pada masa yang sama, ia merumitkan lagi masalah pemcemaran daripada monomer plastik.

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