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AWER's Response over KeTTHA's Explanation on RM 800 Million Saving for Government

AWER has responded to the misleading statistics published by KeTTHA officers to mislead the public and YB Minister in his blog at http://peterchin.my . The email response is attached as below:


Dear YB Dato’ Sri,
Good day.
I have some statistics to share to justify AWER’s press statement as correct as well as the statistics that was churned out by KeTTHA(20,000GWh). I’m afraid the ‘lighting expert’ in the meeting with KETTHA KSU on 11th December 2012 has misled and messed up a lot.
The number below (electricity sales for commercial sector and public lighting) should be used to compare government’s electricity usage and not the 106004 GWh because government is paying for commercial sector rate for all buildings. This is because the 106004 GWh includes also electricity usage for industry sector. Eventually, the 106004GWh will try to show 20,000 GWh as a small number.
(Data extracted from report “Electricity Supply Industry in Malaysia: Performance and Statistical Information 2010”)
29872 GWh (Peninsular Malaysia – Commercial)
 1046 (Peninsular Malaysia – Public Lighting)
 1654 (Sarawak Commercial and Public Lighting)
 1799 (Sabah Commercial and Public Lighting)
 34371 (total electricity for commercial and public lighting)
The 20,000 GWh cited in the meeting on 11th December 2012 and in the minister’s blog on 27th December 2012 is amounting to 58.19% of the electricity sales from commercial sector and public lighting. It is a bit too much for government to consume this much of electricity. Based on this statistics, KeTTHA is proving that Malaysia’s commercial sector becomes impotent in surviving and consuming electricity. Please also note that, public lighting is shared by highways and certain industries and public as well but we gave it fully under government’s expenditure in our estimation.

As for the RM 2.7 Billion value, from the information we gathered, it is 2010 – 2011 (12 months) data and it is for peninsular government agencies (not including public lighting). This is an actual number obtained from TNB for Peninsular Malaysia including state government. If we take lowest and highest commercial tariff, electricity consumption is between 6750 GWh (RM 0.40/kWh) and 9375 GWh (RM 0.288/kWh). There will be no way total electricity consumption reaches 20,000 GWh for government after adding additional 3000 GWh for Sabah and Sarawak. We are worried some CFL/LED industry and perhaps the ‘lighting expert’ is misleading KeTTHA KSU and YB Minister. These people are surely making a fool of everyone. However, AWER will continue to actively engage all parties to implement correct, economical, engineering based and workable energy efficiency solutions.
I have also informed Datuk KSU on the 20,000 GWh error on the 12th December 2012 after many ways of recalculating and I’m wondering how such an erroneous figure can be given to YB and public. In the last Panel Perunding Tenaga meeting on 14th December 2012, ST have also denied any link to the 20,000GWh and Ir Fauzi has promised that ST will revert back to us after they retrieved the electricity consumption figure from TNB. YB wonders where the 20000GWh figure “dropped” from? Someone has personal agenda and we hope YB does not fall for this SCAM and take severe actions against them.

Thank you.

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