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Renewable Energy
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RE development will need a lot of government and structural support. RE opposed to other conventional methods has its pros and cons. To support a RE system we need to try it out in full force at least at an operational scale.  It is also inevitable that the supply dependency to the grid from RE sources is not stable. This must be recognized as a major stumbling block. Research and development can definitely solve the impending problem as it is mere process stabilization. This will call for centralization of RE plants to big scale that supports stable power output to grid.


Solar energy development has its cost as stumbling block. Imagine if Malaysia goes for full scale solar extraction, we will need a lot sand (a non renewable resource).


Alternative fuels such as, biogas, biofuel, etanol and others must be developed in stages that are sustainable. Sectors that are consuming fossil fuel must prepared and change to using alternative fuel that is available. The sustainability issue is to prevent ‘food or fuel’ fight in future. For example, palm oil is a good source of biofuel but it may cause supply disruption for cooking purposes. In addition to that, growing demand for biofuel will cause increase in monocrop planting that eventually shoots plantation operational cost due to fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Monocrop causes more forest to fall.


In short, RE development should be in stages and basic infrastructure should be there to ensure there is no hick ups along the implementation process. RE industry should also be developed to be self-sustaining not depending on assistance forever.


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