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Mining money

Perak government have announced that they will be reviving mining industry. On the other hand, Selangor is planning to open up a reserve forest. Now mining for money from natural resources is suddenly booming. What happened to the pledge to protect the environment?

When will people with similar mindset learn?

There are tonnes of metal thrown into landfills everyday. We are lacking to used resources recovery methods. We have Department of Solid Waste Management which have been approving incinerators and sleeping on the rest. When price soar, everyone wants to get some chunck from it. Then they flood the market, they report market failure. LESSON TO ALL, natural resources are limited, they are not infinite. So, learn to make full use of it.

As for those who like to carry chain saw, look at many undeveloped lands available around you. Logging is very good money, one good matured timber can cost around RM 50,000. This is not including good quality timbers that will cost higher.

Be responsible...

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